2777 S 27th St Milwaukee, WI 53215

About Reo Motors


Where are you located? 

We have two locations in Milwaukee, a short ten minute drive from each other.  


2777 South 27th Street


6206 South 27th Street

What is your phone number?

You can reach us at 414-383-8788.

Do the prices listed on the website include taxes and fees? Is the listed price the final price?

The prices on our website do NOT include taxes and fees. The numbers posted are before taxes and fees are included.

Hablas Español?

Si! Todo nuestro equipo de ventas habla español con fluidez.

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Do you offer vehicle trade-ins? 

Yes, however, we assess trade-ins on a case-by-case basis. 

Can I use my car as a down payment? 

Yes, we absolutely offer this as an option! But we do conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle before moving forward.

How much do I need for a down-payment?

There are a number of variables that go into what amount a down-payment will be. This depends on your credit score, method of financing, the price of the vehicle, and other factors as well. We do not have a "one size fits all" approach to what a down payment will be.  

Do you buy cars? 

We do! However, this is also on a case-by-case basis, followed by an extensive screening process. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Absolutely! We do not require full payment at the time of purchase. 

Do you offer CarFax reports? 

We do! Complimentary CarFax reports are available on all of our automobiles. On our website, you can find the CarFax next to the vehicle you're interested in. Just click on the CarFax logo and the report will appear. But if you would rather call and ask us, you can do that as well!

Are you hiring? 

Reo is always accepting applications for prospective employees across all departments. If you are interested in Sales, Mechanics, Driving, or anything else, please reach out! 

Is your online inventory up-to-date? 

We revise our inventory on a daily basis. However, as we are a high volume business, we occasionally have a vehicle listed online that is no longer for sale. It’s not unusual for a vehicle to be sold the same day it’s been posted online. Please call to inquire as to whether or not a particular car has been sold or not. 

Do you have an in-house mechanic? 

Yes! We employ an entire team of mechanics. However, we do not offer service to the general public. We only offer service on Reo vehicles.

Do you offer in-house financing? 

Yes we do, on a case-by-case basis.

What if I have a low credit score? 

We absolutely have options for those with low credit scores, it does not preclude you from being able to shop with us. To move forward, we typically work with finance companies to make the arrangements. We also require a sizable downpayment on the vehicle, as well as an employment history with verification of monthly income. We may also ask for professional references. 

What is your refund policy? 

Down-payments are 100% refundable if financing is declined or if a customer has second thoughts. But once the deal has been finalized and the papers are signed, unless there is a severe issue with the vehicle or extreme circumstances, all sales are final. 

Do you offer warranties? 

Yes, we offer a 30 day warranty with every car we sell. We also offer a variety of extended warranties ranging between less than a year to one to five years, though these depend on the make, model and year of the vehicle. 


You would be hard-pressed to drive around Milwaukee without spotting multiple Reo cars on all sides of the city. Everyone at Reo feels great pride every time we see one of our vehicles out in the world, and Reo Motors is proud to be a staple in the Milwaukee automotive community. We are located at 2777 South 27th Street (Reo North) and 6206 South 27th Street (Reo South) and are available by phone at 414-383-8788. Please call us if you have any questions about our inventory, if you would like to set up a test drive, or if you would like to share any of your favorite recipes.


Sería difícil conducir por Milwaukee sin ver varios autos Reo en todos los lados de la ciudad. Todos en Reo sentimos un gran orgullo cada vez que vemos uno de nuestros vehículos en el mundo. Reo se enorgullece de ser un elemento básico en la comunidad automotriz de Milwaukee. Estamos ubicados en 2777 South 27th St, Milwaukee Wi (Reo North) y 6206 South 27th Street, Milwaukee Wi (Reo South) y estamos disponibles por teléfono al 414-383-8788. Llámenos si tiene alguna pregunta sobre nuestro inventario, si desea programar una prueba de manejo o si desea compartir alguna de sus recetas favoritas